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  • Do you have genuine parts?
  • Yes we have only Toyota/Daihatsu genuine parts which we purchase form Indus Motor Co.
  • Is it possible to change the DvD Meter language(Japanese to English) of Landcuriser model 2007?
  • No it is not possible to change the DVD meter language of Landcruiser model 2007.
  • What is difference b/w Petron + or Japanese oil?
  • There is no difference, Japenese oil manufacture in Japan and Petron plus manufacture in Pakistan, It has same grade, only difference of packing & sealing.
  • What is the Gas quantity of AC of Coure, Corolla, Hilux & Land Cruiser?
  • AC Gas Quantity of Coure is =450Grams , Corolla=440Grams , Hilux=440Grams & Lans Cruiser= 920Grams.
Note: Prices mention in Pakistani Rupee
  • How many colours are available in Prius hybrid?
  • Prius Hybrid is available in Eight colours (1)Black (2)Dark Blue (3)Super white (4)Pearl white (5)Silver Metalic (6)Red Metalic (7)Bordeaux Metalic (8)Abyss Gray Metalic
  • How many modes are available in Prius Hybrid?
  • Prius Hybrid have three different modes namely as (1)EV(Electric vechile)mode (2)Eco mode (3)Power mode
  • What documents are required at the time of booking of the vehicle?
  • INDIVIDUAL: (1) Valid Copy of N.I.C (2) Demand draft / Pay order (3) COPY OF NTN
    CORPORATE: (1) Official seal of company on PBO (2) Copy of NTN certificate (3) Purchase Request (4) Copy of Sales Tax Registration.
  • What are the name of Leasing companies?
  • Please note that the Leasing Companies name are as: Orix Leasing , First Fidelity, Security Leasing, Standard Chartered Leasing.
  • What documents are required for vechile registration process?
  • For individuals (a)NIC copy (b)F form
    For corporate (a)Transfer letter (b)Deed
  • Does the Dealer itself register the car or the customers can get it done by themselves?
  • If customers want the dealership to register the vehicles for them, then the dealer offers this facility & gets the vehicle registered for customers other wise customers can get the vehicle registration done by themselves too.
  • What is the fuel tank capacity of Prius Hybrid?
  • The fuel tank capacity of Prius Hybrid is 45 ltr.
  • How we can transfer payment in your account for purchasing car?
  • We almost have our account in all banks, You can remit payment online or you can make pay order/demand drafts.
    Pay order will be for same city & Demand Drafts will be for different city.
Note: Prices mention in Pakistani Rupee
  • What is FFS?
  • FFS is stand for first free service it is basically first free checkup of your vehicle at the mileage of first 1000km or 45 days which ever come first.
  • What do you check in FFS of car?
  • In FFS checking 20 Points Including (1.Nut bolts 2.Different oil levels of car 3.Engine oil 4. Gear oil etc 5. Air pressure in tyres 6. Blow the pressure of air 6. air filter 7. Ac filter ) etc
  • Can I do FFS from any other dealership?
  • You can do your car FFS from any other dealership if you have received your warranty book.
  • What is periodic maintenance service of the vehicle?
  • PM Service is followed by the mileage of the vehicle. At every particular mileage, you have to send the vehicle for the required service.
  • How much engine oil is used in XLI?
  • 3.7 litres.
  • How much engine oil is used in prius Hybrid 1.8?
  • The engine oil level of prius Hybrid is 4.2 liters.
  • After how many km Engine oil and Gear oil of Land cruiser is replaced?
  • IF a Land cruiser is on Pertrol then the right time to replace the engine oil is every 5000Km mileage and gear oil should be change at every 40,000km mileage and if Land cruiser is on Diesel then the right time to change its engine oil is every 2500Km mileage and gear oil should be change at every 40,000Km mileage.
  • What documents are required for insurance claim?
  • The following documents are required for insurance claim (a)copy of valid Reg book(b)copy of valid insurance policy(c)copy of valid driving license claim form filled,signed and stamped(f)copy of computerized ID card (g)copy of FIR etc
Note: Prices mention in Pakistani Rupee
  • Where should I go for warranty service?
  • Any authorized Toyota Dealer in this country will perform warranty service. Toyota recommends that you return to the Dealership from where you bought your vehicle because of their continued and personal interests in you.
  • If the warranty book of Toyota or Daihatsu is lost. How can I get it reissued?
  • The warranty booklet cannot be reissued as each vehicle has its unique booklet number. However, the dealership from where the vehicle has been purchased can issue an authority letter which serves as a substitute for warranty book. If your warranty book has been lost then please contact the concerned dealer, with a written request from your side.
  • If I have my vehicle serviced by someone other than a Toyota Dealer, will this void my warranty?
  • If a licensed vehicle repairer services your Toyota vehicle in accordance with Toyota’s servicing guidelines, and then normal warranty coverage will apply.
    It is however important to note that if a non-genuine part is fitted to your Toyota and that part’s failure or the incorrect fitment damages your vehicle, then that damage may not be covered by your Toyota Warranty. For peace of mind servicing, we recommend you visit your authorized Toyota Service Centre who uses Toyota Genuine Parts and has Toyota trained technicians.
  • What is battery warranty time?
  • The original fitted battery is covered for (1 year) or 20,000km which ever comes first.
  • Are Tyres Covered by the Toyota Warranty?
  • Tyres are covered by the tyre manufacturer’s warranty (Gerenal tyre). Your Toyota Service Center will be able to help you if you have any questions on tyre warranty or if you need to replace your tyre. (For further information, refer to ‘What is not covered by your Toyota Warranty’ in your vehicle Warranty & Service Handbook).
  • Are scratches covered under warranty?
  • Scratches are not covered under warranty.
  • Are wear & tear and color fading covered under warranty?
  • Normal noise, vibration, wear tear or deterioration such as discoloration, fading, deformation or blur are not covered under warranty.
  • Is Battery covered under warranty and who gives?
  • Battery covered under warranty and IMC gives its warranty till 1 Year or 20,000 Kilometer whichever come first.
  • What is the warranty time of prius battery?
  • Its 2 years/50,000KM Comprehensive.
Note: Prices mention in Pakistani Rupee