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Avanza 1.5-l-m/t (made In Indonesia) PKR 5,828,000.00 Camry A/t 2.5 (hybrid) High Grade PKR 18,670,000.00 Camry A/t 2.5 (hybrid) Low Grade PKR 16,090,000.00 Coaster 29-seater PKR 14,104,000.00 Corolla Altis 1.6 At PKR 3,283,000.00 Corolla Cross PKR 9,309,000.00 Hiace Commuter Dual A/c Mid Roof Long Wheel Base( 2700 Cc ) (gasoline) PKR 6,660,000.00 Hilux 4x2 2tr (petrol) - New PKR 3,713,000.00 Hilux 4x2 Deckless PKR 3,603,000.00 Hilux 4x2 S/c Std PKR 3,853,000.00 Hilux 4x2 S/c U/c & Up Specs PKR 3,883,000.00 Hilux 4x4 D/c Std PKR 5,894,000.00 Hilux 4x4 S/c PKR 5,203,000.00 Land Cruiser 200-gx-turbo-station Wagon-m/t ( 4.5cc Diesel ) PKR 41,742,000.00 Land Cruiser 200-vx-turbo-station Wagon-a/t (4.5cc Diesel ) PKR 51,422,000.00 Land Cruiser 70 Hard Top M/t Diesel PKR 21,844,000.00 Land Cruiser 70 Soft Top M/t Diesel PKR 21,744,000.00 Land Cruiser Prado Turbo A/t ( 3.0cc Diesel ) PKR 39,318,000.00 Land Cruiser Prado Turbo M/t ( 3.0cc Diesel ) PKR 27,978,000.00 Land Cruiser Prado Vx-a/t Gasoline)( 4.0 Cc Petrol ) PKR 41,458,000.00 Land Cruiser Station Wagon V8 Vx At(4.6 Cc Petrol) PKR 52,702,000.00 Land Cruiser Vx R A/t ( Diesel ) PKR 57,902,000.00 Prius-a/t-1.8l PKR 9,305,000.00 Prius-a/t-c-1.5-l PKR Revo G 2.8cc A/t PKR 6,814,000.00 Revo G 2.8cc M/t PKR 6,464,000.00 Revo V 2.8cc A/t PKR 7,414,000.00 Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 Mt PKR 3,143,000.00 Toyota Corolla-1.8 (1798cc) M/t Hart Top PKR 3,583,000.00 Toyota Corolla-1.8 Cvt(1798cc) A/t Hard Top PKR 3,613,000.00 Toyota Corolla-1.8 Grande Cvt (black Interior)(1798cc) A/t X-packge PKR 3,923,000.00 Toyota Corolla-1.8 Grande X (beige Interior)(1798cc) A/t PKR 3,903,000.00 Toyota Fortuner 4x4 A/t Diesel 2.8l Sigma 4 PKR 9,309,000.00 Toyota Fortuner 4x4 A/t Pertol 2.7l PKR 8,939,000.00 Toyota Fortuner G 4x2 Std Pertol 2.7l PKR 7,689,000.00 Toyota Hiace Deluxe High Roof Commuter PKR 7,893,000.00 Toyota Hiace Deluxe High Roof Tourer PKR 8,993,000.00 Toyota Hiace Deluxe Luxury Wagon High PKR 11,120,000.00 Toyota Hiace Deluxe Luxury Wagon Low PKR 9,680,000.00 Toyota Hiace High Roof ( Diesel 2.5 L ) PKR 7,393,000.00 Toyota Rush-g-a/t PKR 5,878,000.00 Toyota Rush-g-m/t PKR 5,668,000.00 Toyota Yaris Ativ-cvt-1.3 PKR 2,703,000.00 Toyota Yaris Ativ-m/t-1.3 PKR 2,553,000.00 Toyota Yaris Ativ-x-cvt-1.5 PKR 2,933,000.00 Toyota Yaris Ativ-x-m/t-1.5 PKR 2,753,000.00 Toyota Yaris Gli Mt-1.3 PKR 2,443,000.00 Toyota Yaris Gli-cvt-1.3 PKR 2,623,000.00
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Services We Offers

  • Car Inspection

    Toyota Walton Car Inspection Team provides a detailed vehicle inspection report for used car buyers and sellers.

  • Vehicle Trade-in

    You can Trade-in your Vehicle with a New Vehicle at Toyota Walton Motors

  • Auto Painting

    With Toyota Walton Body and Paint services availed you can be assured of getting your vehicle repaired quickly.

  • After Sales Services

    We, at Toyota, are committed to provide the best-in-town after-sales experience to our valuable customers.

  • Auto Financing

    Toyota Walton Motors Car Finance provides a one-stop financing solution to help you own your dream Toyota.

  • Pre-Delivery Service

    To assure your satisfaction we are responsible to perform specified factory-approved services for your Toyota vehicle.

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Meet Our Team

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Tariq Jaleel

+92 347 4000374
Shariq Tariq
CEO Toyota Walton
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Atif Khan
General Manager Sales
+92 322 8473456
Rana Rashid Ali
T-Sure Manager
+92 322 8465678
Sheikh Waqar Ahmed
Customer Relation Manager
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Mutahir Jawad
Service Manager
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Muhammad Shahid
Parts Manager
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Muhammad Akhter
Accounts Manager
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Aamir Mushtaq
HR Manager
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Naeem Ashraf
Finance Manager
Our client say

Happy Client Feedback


One of the best dealership in lahore i can say in punjab may be, the staff is really very co operative and do the work immediately. Sale purchase is up to the mark. highly recommended.

M. Qasim

Thank you for providing a good quality service and Iโ€™m satisfied with my today purchased gli 1.3 auto from toyota walton motors. I appreciate the ethics and morals of Employees of it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


I have bought my 2nd Toyota Grande 2019 model 3 days ago from toyota walton motors. As per my experience they are professionals and know how to deal with customer. As our other car Altis 1.8 Cruisetronic we bought from Toyota walton in 2016 and is also totally maintained by toyota walton motors. I am really very satisfied. I would like to appreciate Rashid sb(Toyota Sure) and Shahzad for best customer service. Keep up the good work.

Muhammad Saleem

Good professional after sale services. Better than the rest 3S dealerships in Lahore. Highly recommended.

Ahmad Nawaz

Thank u so much for providing the best service possible and yeah also thank you for making my day from your amazing product Altis 1.6 loving it. Very Cooperative staff...

Nouman Arshad

Buy your car from here, they deal the customer well. Must get all maintenance of your car from here, their technicians are well trained and they have a good floor management and supervision system. Their QC is also good !

Tippu Karim
Toyota Walton Motors